Minutes, 6-26-15

Meeting of the Members of the Koinon, 24 June 2015

  • Meeting called to order at 19:15 CST.
    • Present at the Meeting:
      • Conor Warren, President.
      • Laura Garrison, Vice President.
      • Emily Kamp, Secretary.
      • Jessica Orsini, Voting Board Member.
    • 7:10 pm: Meeting called to order.
    • What to do about social media/online groups?
      • Rather than focusing on driving up attendance via social media, efforts at online group ritual and devotional work can be coordinated.
    • Conor Warren moves to strike the documented community service requirement from the bylaws in favor of self-documented community service. Seconded by Jessica Orsini.
      • Motion passes unanimously.
    • Laura Garrison suggests putting together online ritual; met with general approval.
    • Emily Kamp suggests celebrating the Genesia as a group online ritual on 11 November, 2015 (Armistice/Veterans’ Day). Met with general approval.
      • Will be discussed further, together with other suggestions, in July’s chat.
    • Conor suggests monthly chats via IRC channel ; Emily suggests themed chats.
      • Will be discussed further in July’s chat.
    • Meeting adjourned by Conor at 7:48 (with Jessica seconding).
      • Motion passes unanimously.

Athenian Calendar Holidays


Kronia, 12th
Synoikia, 16th
Panathenaia, 23rd-30th


Eleusinia, 15th-18th


Genesia, 5th
Demokratia, 12th
Epidauria, 17th or 18th


Proerosia, 6th
Pyanopsia, 7th
Theseia, 8th
Oskhophoria, 8th
Stenia, 9th
Thesmophoria, 11th-13th
Apaturia, 19th-21st or 26th-28th
Khalkeia, 30th


Pompaia, (?)


Rural Dionysia
Haloa, 26th


Lenaea, 12th
Theogamia, 27th


Anthesteria, 11th-13th
Lesser Mysteries, 20th-26th
Diasia, 23rd


City Dionysia, 10th-17th


Mounikhia, 16th
Olympieia, 19th


Thargelia, 7th
Plynteria, 25th


Arrephoria, 3rd
Skira, 12th
Bouphonia/Dipolieia, 14th

Minutes, 2-20-15

Meeting of the Members of the Koinon, 20 February 2015

  • Meeting called to order at 19:15 CST.
    • Present at the Meeting:
      • Conor Davis, President.
      • Jesse Garrison, Vice President.
      • Emily Kamp, Secretary.
      • Jessica Orsini, Voting Board Member.
      • Patrick Hunt, Member.
      • Bethany Shockey, Member.
    • What is and is not considered “Community Service” for our purposes?
      • Conor Davis suggests donations to approved charitable organizations/causes.
        • Should we consider a minimum donation amount?
        • Conor Davis motions to table discussions on this matter pending further discussion in our Facebook group; Jesse Garrison seconds. Motion passes unanimously.
      • Reminder: if you do not have the time to participate in community service activities, you can ask for a waiver (see the Community Bylaws!)
    • Donations to the Quba Islamic Institute in Houston
      • Conor motions to make Jessica Orsini the designated donation coordinator to this organization, recently the victim of an arson. Patrick Aristizabal seconds.  Motion passes unanimously.
      • Further information on this organization can be found on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/QubaIslamicInstitute
    • Holy Day Write-Ups
      • These can be turned in at the writer’s convenience.
      • Conor Davis volunteers to write about the Khalkheia, a festival to Athene and Hephaistos taking place on the last day of Pyanepsión.
    • Digital Library?
      • We can only use works in the public domain OR works to which we legally obtain the right to limited distribution.
      • Conor suggests that we put out a call on all internal groups in the Koinon to help collect resources for a digital library;
    • Further Notes on the Topic of Community Service and Educational Outreach:
      • Community Service is meant to instill a habit and mindset of service to the community, not to act as image-enhancement for this organization.
      • Educational Outreach can be as simple as handing out pamphlets at a Pagan Pride Day. Our desire is to raise public awareness of Hellenic polytheism, NOT to proselytize!  Stay tuned for further information on this topic.
      • If you have a social anxiety disorder or are not comfortable with publicly identifying as pagan/polytheist, apply for a waiver.
      • Community service can be done in a secular capacity (you need not announce that you are a Hellenic polytheist or a member of the Koinon while doing it).
    • Motion to adjourn made at 19:58 pm. Jessica Orsini seconds; motion passes unanimously.

Meeting Minutes 1/28/15

The officers of The Koinon held their first every meeting on January 28th, 2015.

The minutes can be found here

The text can also be read below:

Meeting of the Officers of the Koinon, 28 January 2015

  • Meeting called to order at 19:05 CST.
    • Present at the Meeting:
      • Conor Davis, President.
      • Jesse Garrison, Vice President.
      • Emily Kamp, Secretary.
      • Jessica Orsini, Voting Board Member.
      • Suz Thackston, Founding Member.
    • Suggestions for ongoing projects:
      • Conor brings up MadGastronomer’s suggestion of a resource library.
        • Conor suggests 3 people working on that so as not to use up too much manpower, given our numbers (7 people so far)
        • Festival resources, or myth resources? Festivals seems to meet with more approval, though results are mixed.
        • Conor suggests discussing sooner festivals: Theogamia, Anthesteria.
        • What does a festival resource library entail?
          • Background information on the festival
          • Written ritual formats/scripts
          • Possible multiple ritual scripts, of varying degrees of eclecticism/reconstructionism and styles.
        • Suz volunteers to do a write-up on the upcoming Theogamia ritual.
        • Emily volunteers to do a write-up on the upcoming Anthesteria ritual.
      • Jessica suggests a Charities Committee as soon as we hit a certain (as yet unspecified) membership threshold.
        • Conor motions to revisit Charities Committee as soon as we reach 15 members; Jessica seconds.
        • By unanimous Yea vote, motion passes.
      • Jessica suggests looking into 501(c)7 of Texas law, regarding incorporation of nonprofit organizations expecting <$10,000 US per year in donations.
        • Conor motions to table discussion of incorporation until late July. Jessica seconds.
        • By unanimous Yea vote, motion passes.
      • Possible networking options:
        • Hellenion – Suz Thackston as contact.
        • Thiasos of the Starry Bull – Emily Kamp as contact.
        • Wild Hunt?
        • com – Conor Davis as contact.
        • Edward Butler?
        • Patheos?
      • Membership meeting set up for Friday, 30 January 2015, at 19:00 CST.
      • Jessica motions to adjourn at 18:40 CST. Motion is seconded and passes by unanimous vote.

Launching in January 2015

The Koinon is coming in January 2015. Stay tuned for news about the first Hellenic organization that is welcoming to all Hellenists. Whether you are a reconstructionist who holds rituals in ancient Greek or an Eclectic whose rituals include the Watchtowers, you have a place at our table.

Welcome and stay tuned.

-Conor Davis