Minutes, 2-20-15

Meeting of the Members of the Koinon, 20 February 2015

  • Meeting called to order at 19:15 CST.
    • Present at the Meeting:
      • Conor Davis, President.
      • Jesse Garrison, Vice President.
      • Emily Kamp, Secretary.
      • Jessica Orsini, Voting Board Member.
      • Patrick Hunt, Member.
      • Bethany Shockey, Member.
    • What is and is not considered “Community Service” for our purposes?
      • Conor Davis suggests donations to approved charitable organizations/causes.
        • Should we consider a minimum donation amount?
        • Conor Davis motions to table discussions on this matter pending further discussion in our Facebook group; Jesse Garrison seconds. Motion passes unanimously.
      • Reminder: if you do not have the time to participate in community service activities, you can ask for a waiver (see the Community Bylaws!)
    • Donations to the Quba Islamic Institute in Houston
      • Conor motions to make Jessica Orsini the designated donation coordinator to this organization, recently the victim of an arson. Patrick Aristizabal seconds.  Motion passes unanimously.
      • Further information on this organization can be found on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/QubaIslamicInstitute
    • Holy Day Write-Ups
      • These can be turned in at the writer’s convenience.
      • Conor Davis volunteers to write about the Khalkheia, a festival to Athene and Hephaistos taking place on the last day of Pyanepsión.
    • Digital Library?
      • We can only use works in the public domain OR works to which we legally obtain the right to limited distribution.
      • Conor suggests that we put out a call on all internal groups in the Koinon to help collect resources for a digital library;
    • Further Notes on the Topic of Community Service and Educational Outreach:
      • Community Service is meant to instill a habit and mindset of service to the community, not to act as image-enhancement for this organization.
      • Educational Outreach can be as simple as handing out pamphlets at a Pagan Pride Day. Our desire is to raise public awareness of Hellenic polytheism, NOT to proselytize!  Stay tuned for further information on this topic.
      • If you have a social anxiety disorder or are not comfortable with publicly identifying as pagan/polytheist, apply for a waiver.
      • Community service can be done in a secular capacity (you need not announce that you are a Hellenic polytheist or a member of the Koinon while doing it).
    • Motion to adjourn made at 19:58 pm. Jessica Orsini seconds; motion passes unanimously.

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