Calendar and Celebrations

The Koinon recognizes that Hellenism is a diverse religion and has a variety of calendars within it, as such we have no official calendar. The holidays and celebrations below are organized by calendar type and month and are currently the holidays approved for Public, Semi-Public, and Semi-Private rituals, which are outlined in the bylaws. If there is a holiday or holidays you would like to see added, contact an officer giving them the calendar it belongs to (if any), the month, and the “preferred” date it would be performed. Associations are in no way obligated to perform festivals on the listed dates, these are merely suggestions. There is also no expectation for an association or organization to celebrate all the festivals listed.

Birth celebrations
Theoxenia celebrations
Festivals and/or Sacrifices of Thanksgiving
Celebrations to the theoi for any joyous occasion
Offerings and petitions on behalf of a community or particular individuals
Noumenia celebrations
National holidays

Vernal Equinox
Invernal Equinox
Summer Solstice
Winter Solstice

Ancient Calendars:


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